What should my code be?

write a C program that can be used to calculate the score needed on the final exam to obtain each possible grade in the class fiven the scores obtained up to that point. Be sure your program includes the following:

1. An informative heading comment that includes your name, the name of the course, the name of the assignment, the date the code was initially created, teh date the code was last modified, and a brief description of what the code does.

2. A series of informative prompts asking the user to input his/ her grades for every assignment in the course up to the final exam (use provided data for testing).

3. An informative, tabularly formatted, summary display indicating the total number of points earned on each course cvomponent, the possible grades that can be earned in the course, the number of points needed on the final exam to get each grade, and teh percentage grade needed on the final exam to earn each grade.

Use the following set of data when creating the three screenshots submitted with the program

Trial #1 Trial #2 Trial #3
Project #1 200 200 200
project #2 200 175 200
Project #3 150 125 200
Exam #1 75 100 145
Attendance/participation 50 100 99

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