Need help for assignment ! New in programming

I need some master here to help me on my assignment ! Urgent ! Thanks !

****** the question ********

Build a “Point of Sales” C program for BIGSALES mall that fulfil the below requirements:

1. Print a unique greeting message and logo for your point of sales program. And, prompt the user to enter the year of birth.

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Nobody is going to help you if you don't give some of your own code. It looks like you're just asking somebody to do the assignment for you. Nobody here who knows how to do it is just going to give you the code.

Good Luck.
Got it. Thanks for telling... and u sound like some clever ass shit lecturer
I don't mean to sound rude, but it's the facts. Just check out this thread.

I could be a jackass about it, but I'm not going to. If you give some code, or ask specifically what you want help on, you're going to get a lot more help than just posting your prompt hoping someone will give you the answers.
Ok ok got you. You are so much better than the one to ask people drop our class lol. I'm trying to start doing it now, how to prompt the user to enter the year of birth.



int dob;

printf("Welcome to wtf \n");
printf("Please enter date of birth \n");

scanf("%4d", &dob);

Your double quotes were in the wrong place. Don't forget the code tags. The button that has <> on it.
Erm, im sorry. I must be too stpid in this and should be dropping lol... but im trying hard to understand what u are trying to correct, can u explain a bit easier for beginner noob like me ? Im sorry for the stupidity.
Your double quotes " surround the first argument %4d to make it a string. You put them around both arguments, so it will not compile correctly. That will let you enter the date of birth.

Code tags are specific to this site. It's what makes code readable. It uses the format button on the right that looks like <>
OH ! got u ! thanks ! it works now ! btw do they have any format to let user key in ony number? that not available for user to key in alphabet
No. In C++ you can make sure that other characters aren't processed, but I don't know how you could do it in C.


if(printf("%d", &dob))

but I don't know
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