Please help me with these 2 questions

1. A medical clinic needs to build a computer system that classifies the patients according to their age as follows:
(patient's age < 4) is classified as an infants
(4<= patient's age< = 10) is classified as a child
(10< patient's age) is classified as an adult
Write a C++ program that helps the nurse of the clinic to identify any patient by his/her age. The program should print number of payients in each classification ( use For loop and switch in your program).Check the following output:
Enter number of patients : 4
Enter age of patient # 1: 4
** CHILD **
Enter age of patient # 2: 61
** ADULT **
Enter age of patient # 3: 5
** CHILD **
Enter age of patient # 4: 2
** INFANT **
Number of infants:1
Number of children :2
Number of adults:1
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2. Write a C++ program that reads n numbers and checks for each number for the following cases :
-If the number is a multiple of 5 , print the message
“Thisnumber is a multiple of 5”.
-If (number % 3 ) equals 1 , add 3 to that number
and print the new value.
-If (number % 3 ) equals 2 , add 6 to that number and print
the new value.
Use For loop and switch statement in your program.
Hi Zain01,

As a rule we don't directly provide homework help to beginner questions because it doesn't help the beginner to learn, both of these questions are starting problems which you would learn a lot from if you just dive in and have a go at them,

if you can ask specific questions once you have attempted I will be happy to try and help anyway I can.

Thanks -NGangst
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