Freeware or open source compiler?

I don't have a coding issue, per say, just a question about software development. I noticed that Visual Studio express comes with the caveat that it's not intended for developers and for educational use only. Does that mean I can't sell an application which I wrote and compiled with that program? And if that's the situation, are there any open source alternatives c++ or c# IDEs on the web that I could use for this purpose. Any feedback I could get on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Try bloodshed c++, qt creator, or netbeans ide
Please avoid bloodshed, it's obsolete. Orwell Dev-C++ is the current version.
code::blocks is also recommended.
Eclipse is good too. Of course, you could even just use notepad(++) or something with the command line and makefiles to compile with MinGW / g++.
Is VS express really noncommercial? My thinking is it's not intended for developers because of the limitations. I haven't looked at a EULA, but I don't think there is any restrictions on what you use it for.
Eclipse , codeblocks , orwell etc. are all IDE 's it doesn't matter to them what you do with your project , evidently they are all bundled with mingw(g++) , which is an open source compiler , you can use it to compile your non-free application.
Ok, now I do have a coding issue. I installed Orwell onto my computer, and it won't recognize stdafx, namespace.std, or cout. In fact it won't recognize any libraries that I try to include. Seriously wtf? Please help
stdafx is some sort of microsoft proprietary header, you don't need it.
As for the other things - hard to say without seeing the actual code.
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