Mouse Cursor (again)

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Firstly,I'm sorry for posting about the same article again.....but between all the handles and buffers, i lost myself.

Here's what i want to do.I have a program(a reproduction of a flash game) and i need to utilise mouse for a better feel. Presently i have to enter numbers and hit 'enter' (for some reason getch() doesn't seem to work in that particular part, but thats not my worry). I have six 'buttons' on screen , i want to do the following...
1. detect mouse position(in characters) for using in gotoxy();.
2. detect mouse left click to see what the user has clicked.

with these i can make my program much better, but after all the googling and going through the answers given by people of this forum, i still don't know how to do it.

So, anyone who can explain it to me how to do it in simple terms, i will be highly grateful. I'm a beginner, coding for about two years and i'm just grasping the concepts of pointers and linked lists(just so u know..:))

Are you using a graphics lib or the console? It sounds like you're using the console, and if you're trying to do fancy effects and use the mouse in the console
There may be system specific ways around this but you're better off learning how to use a higher level library, people on this forum often advocate the use of SDL2.0 and SFML.
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Ok, i'm not using graphics, its still plain console.......
I'm okay with system specific stuff too, although people advocate against it (Have read so many articles discouraging system() calls )
oh and btw, i use windows and codeblocks.

P.S. I don't want to learn graphics now, some other day but not now.
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