I'm going to start to learn C++

I have good knowledge of HTML and CSS. I have basic knowledge with Javascript and PHP. Is this the easiest place to learn C++?
I am taking classes in C++, and yes, the tutorial here is the best, in my opinion.

I am learning too and find this place to have less negative junk and advertising. People are always helping and I have found my way to other useful sites from here. There is a great tutorial in the Documentation section that you can download, many user created articles and the standard library reference is great.
Refer to these links:


one of the greatest C++ books i've ever read:

use this guy's tutorials as a summary on each chapter you learn:

make sure to quiz yourself (Very important)

another great C++ playlist, this guy's tutorials are really good

and of course, when you need help with something feel free to post a thread, the cplusplus community is the best.

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Thank you all for your replies. I look forward in learning C++.
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