Game programming

How do i start writing Gaming app using C++. What is the environment required. I have mingw compiler installed on Windows8. Please suggest some reference to start.

When you say app, do you mean writing things for phones, or just games for PC? What kind of games do you want to write? Do you want to learn to write small games for yourself, medium size games that could take several months? Do you want to learn what you need to know to go and work for a major games company?
Thanks Mat,
I would like to start with PC games. At present i don't have any experience in writing Game app, so I would like to start with small games. Actually i want to keep myself busy and try/explore new stuff. At present i'm working as embedded eng and enjoying my work, so i don't have any intentions to join any gaming comp.

If small C++ PC games is your aim, then I would say check out SFML and/or Allegro.

They both give you everything you need to make a game - Taking input, drawing images, collision detection etc...
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