Implementation of Dijkstral's Algorithm .

I'm new in c++ language. I'm taking C++ for c programers in Coursera.
I have been given a homework to implement dijkstral's algorithm. I don't know how to go about it. The question goes thus:

Graph algorithms and graph representation are a critical tool in CS. We want to create a graph as an ADT (Abstract Data Type) using C++ classes. The basic problem will be to write Dijkstra’s algorithm as a class member function (method in OO speak).It is the basis for many route calculations and optimizations programs.

There are 2 basic implementations used for graphs – one is edge lists, and the other is connectivity matrices. You can decide which to use, but comment on your choice.

Basic problem: Write a set of constructors for declaring and initializing a graph. An edge will have a positive cost that is its distance. Have a procedure that produces a randomly generated set of edges with positive distances. Assume the graphs are undirected. The random graph procedure should have edge density as a parameter and distance range as a parameter. So a graph whose density is 0.1 would have 10% of its edges picked at random and its edge distance would be selected at random from the distance range. The procedure should run through all possible undirected edges, say (i,j) and place the edge in the graph if a random probability calculation is less than the density. Compute for a set of randomly generated graphs an average shortest path.Turn in: Printout of program, 200 words on what you learned, and output showing the average path length calculation. Use densities: 20% and 40% on a graph of 50 nodes with a distance range of 1.0 to 10.0. To get an average path length, compute the 49 paths:

1 to 2, 1 to 3, 1 to 4, …, 1 to 50.

[In an instance where there is no path between 1 and n, omit that value from the average. This should be very rare for the chosen density and size in this homework.]

Keep in mind: good style – choice of identifiers, short functions, good documentation, correctness and efficiency. Cite any references in creating this program.

Tips: Hand-simulate your algorithm on a small graph.

please help. I have no idea about Dijkstral's Algorithm.

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