i have a project for school where i am making a multiplayer dice game, i havent learned how to do that yet and when i try to google or youtube it, all i keep getting is advanced stuff involving servers. can somebody please tell me what to look up, or what i need to do to make a basic 2 to 4 player game.
I don't know much on the subject but i know you do need a server it can also play the game. And what you need to look up is sockets. Hope this helps.
Well, hold on. Let's not jump to conclusions just yet.

Ask the professor if it's intended to be played across a network (his/her answer will most likely be no). If not, you're spared and can just assume all 2-4 players are sitting in front of the same computer.

Otherwise, you will need a good networking library and to do some research on networked applications. In that case, this may be a good place to start:

it is not intended to be played across a network
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