Long value print

Hi there.
I have a simple problem. I know You solve it easily.. :p
How can I print this type of floating number?
I dont need straight cout. I need this value as a result of some calculation.

Such a number exceeds FP precision. Why do you need such a huge number with so many significant digits?
This is actually an online judge problem.
I'm trying to write a function which returns exponent value.
The above number is a result of this-

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Think of it like you would a bit shift register and just parse it inside of a custom struct.
You'll need to use a bignum implementation.

95123**12 =

Remember how you handle decimal places in multiplication problems, so 3 places * 12 = 36 places, giving you


So to print it, print all but the last n-places of the digits, then a decimal point, then the remaining digits.

Remember, this number is so big, we are talking a bignum -- an integer -- that we are treating as if it were a floating point value.

Going the other way (playing with differences) doesn't help much with precision, so I can't suggest that. Unless I'm missing something really obvious.

Hope this helps.
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