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This is not exactly a C++ related query. Sometimes we see some copyright information at the beginning of the header and source files as comments.

I believe that they are auto generated. Do you know any tool that generate this copyright information ?


we use this at work:

hmm although i'm not sure it generates our file headers. i'll check.

when i select add file header i get something like this:
// file:	<projName>\<fileName>
// summary:	Declares the main frm class

However there are a shedload of configuration options in the add-on, so it looks like you have a large amount of free-reign on how you can set it up.

edit 2: Seems a useful table:
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Every business will have in-house tools to do stuff like that.

Your header should have at least three things if you ever plan on other people making use of it:

license information
your name
what the file is for and/or a pointer to documentation

Hope this helps.
They don't have to be in-house tools - some IDE's (e.g. Eclipse) will allow you set up a header template that will be added to a new file.

Really, it depends what tools you're already using, and what support they have for this kind of functionality.
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