Please, do we call there signs "separators"?
Many thanks!


(They are ment to SEPARATE parts of the program)
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How then?
Because I am not english speaking.
Many thanks!
They are Punctuators, since they mark language specific punctuation.
The following characters are used as punctuators in C++:
[ ]	Opening and Closing Brackets (Square brackets)
( )	Opening and Closing Parentheses 
{ }	Opening and Closing Braces (Curly braces, curlies)
< >	Opening and Closing Angle brackets (chevrons)
' '	Single quotes
" "	Double quotes
,	Comma 	
;	Semicolon 
:	Colon 		
*	Asterisk	
=	Equal sign	
#	Pound sign 	

...	Ellipsis 
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