Hello, I'm new.

Well just came to say hello and ask a few questions.
so i want to create a game using c++ code, but i really don't know where to find a good free book where i can learn c++ from start to end. now i'm looking at something specific something that is easy but not for total beginners. I really like programming/coding because I can learn it really quick. I've learned action script 2 in around a week. Please if you have anything that's understandable and covers everything but is free or can be found free please post it.

i know actionscript 2, actionscript 3, php, html, css, javascript.
i learned them really easy. but i need some material to learn from :p
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A good book is c++ for dummies i don't know if it is free or not but i have heard it is free in some places (well isn't everything) hope that helps
A good, free ebook: Eckel's 'Thinking in C++' http://mindview.net/Books/TICPP/ThinkingInCPP2e.html

A comprehensive online (dowloadable) tutorial (which assumes familiarity with C):
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