TheNewBoston or CodingMadeEasy?


I've just started learning C++, and I'm looking for a complete series of tutorial videos which teach C++. I've searched YouTube and narrowed the results down to just two YouTube channels. TheNewBoston, who I'm very familiar with and CodingMadeEasy who I'm not as familiar with.

Bucky's tutorials are complete whereas CodingMadeEasy's tutorials are still being uploaded and CME covers topics of C++11.

Which channel has the better videos and will help me more?
Hey Vilja. This is Peter aka CodingMadeEasy. I was searching on google and found your question and I'll be happy to help you out with your choice. Firstly I'd like to say that thenewboston is awesome and has some awesome tutorials and I understand why you're struggling with your decision. With that being said, the reason why my tutorial series isn't finished is because it's never going to be finished. Once C++ upgrades I'll be adding to my tutorial series. So I will be adding in some C++ 14 content when it's officially out there. thenewboston's tutorial series is finished but he doesn't cover as much content as I do but if you just want to know the barebone basics then it doesn't matter which tutorial series you want to watch.
I plan to teach about data structures, different algorithms, etc. You will go from a beginner to a true intermediate by the time you watch majority of my tutorials. So check them out and I hope you like them :) if not then there's always thenewboston
Hello, I've checked out your channel but there's many playlists about c++ (where should I begin?)but what video covers the part where you will sort some data in a file?
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Sorry for the delayed response. Watch the playlist "C++ Made Easy HD". There are 80+ tutorials out right now. I have videos on filesystems I'm not sure with tutorial number it is but it's in that series.
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