Beep Music

How would i go about adding beep music to say a game i made like Tic Tac Toe where the music is being played while you are playing. Is that possible using the standard libraries

thank you for your time
Probably the closest you can get without resorting to some other libraries would be to splash these all over your code:
std::cout << '\a';

[joke, somewhat]Or maybe you could create a new thread (see ) in your program that plays those beeping sounds (see above code) in some kind of rhythm (you can use clock() or some of the newer C++11 functions in <chrono> to time the interval between each note).[/joke]
not sure why you put joke it seems like what i am looking for maybe lol i dunno but i'll try it out. found out my compiler was out of date did not have the <thread> function getting a newer version new and will see how it goes

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