Trouble getting started

I am having trouble getting started on this programming project of mine, was wondering if someone could help lead me in the right direction.

Problem Statement:
Your task is to analyze the data file which contains the test answer key and each student's answers. To do this you will determine each student's test score and the mean for the entire class. Also you will generate a histogram using the test scores. There are exactly 25 students who took the exam.
Calculate the mean exam score as the sum of all scores divided by the number of scores, as a real number. Display the mean in your output with 2 digits of precision.

Here is what should be output:
A table giving the list of student names in the order they were read in, the test answers for that student, and the student's test score. This table will incorporate data error messages if needed.
The mean test score.
A histogram showing the number of students who received scores in the following ranges: 0 thru 5, 6 thru 10, 11 thru 15, 16 thru 20, 21 thru 25, and 25 thru 30.
Start by determining all of the elements you will need:

1)You need a way to read and store the contents of a file.
- How many variables will you need, how will you store it?
2)Determine the test scores for each student (25 students total)
- Average the test scores to get the mean for the class.
- Average must have 2 decimal places, what functions will you use?
3)How many functions do you need to make this program efficient and readable?
4)Create a histogram and format your table based on your data
- Would using loops be the most effective? If so, which ones?

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