c++ operation system detected ?

hi guys;

c++ system detected code please :(

windows xp
windows 7

What is the question you're asking? I don't understand =)
my english is bad sorry :(

ı want to operating system detected is c++

My need is operating system detected source code or help
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You need a compiler program to compile your source code into an exe file. Something like visual basic. There are some free compilers out there, you just have to find them.
He is asking how to identify the OS.

There are three parts to the answer.

(1) The build system should be able to figure out a lot of it. (Automake, etc)
Use this to chose which files to compile and link when compiling

(2) You can use predefined macros in your source code to chose which pieces of code to compile inside a file.

(3) You can use the OS's API to query the OS version itself.

Hope this helps.
Thank You Duoas
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