Hello, new here and need some help

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I am new here. I just want to know if I can find some great video tutorials on C++, which are just like written ones. I tried to read tutorials and books, but I always failed. I just get bored of reading.

Sorry if it isn't in the right section, well I am just new here.

Thank you.
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I know this is probably something you will not want to hear but, there is nothing better than reading informational text on c++. I think the reason you get bored is that you are not reading it the right way(also something that is funny).

But if you are looking for video tutorials I would suggest:



Thanks for your reply, Hertz.

What do you mean by "not the right way"? Would you suggest me how I can read then, please?

About those videos, I already saw them. And they are no way near written ones.

Thank you, again.
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