GCC/G++ CMD PR won't do anything

I'm reading this book on how to learn C++ within 24 hours. Followed all procedures up until I have to actually create my first code to be compiled and linked.
I'm working with MinGW.

These are the instructions:
"Type the text of Listing 1.1 into the editor. Ignore the numbers along the left side of
the listing and the colons that follow them. The numbers are there simply for reference
purposes in this book.
As you type, make sure to enter the punctuation on each line properly, such as the
:: and << characters on line 5.
When you’ve finished, save the file as Motto.cpp.
LISTING 1.1 The Full Text of Motto.cpp.

  #include <iostream>

int main()
std::cout << “Solidum petit in profundis!\n”;
return 0;

I use notepad and copied the code into it and named it Motto.cpp but I can't find the compiler .exe anywhere. I installed the GNU with the default path directory to my C drive but I can only find the MinGW folder but it's not in the programs or x86 folder but actually directly in the C: directory above the "Programs Files" tab but it lacks any .exe compiler or anything. How do I get my notepad code compiled without all this hassle?

Thank you for your time!
Solves your problem? www.mingw.org/wiki/MinGW_for_First_Time_Users_HOWTO

I would seriously recommend getting an IDE though. They will save you so much time compared to using notepad and the command line... I use CodeBlocks with minGW and find that set up to be fine. Other IDEs do exist though:

Alright thank you so much, I took your advice and DL'd CB and I at least got another program working, but not the one above. Thank you thank you.
Is there any advice you can give to a fresh new developer?
What errors do you get about the above program when you try to compile or run it? It should compile just fine...

My advice to a new developer would be you're about to embark on a difficult, never ending road, but every step of progress along it is awesome and you should try to walk down it as far as you can and then some!
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