Need help understanding this assingment

Not asking anyone to make a code here. I'm not sure how to approach this problem. I would not see my professor for a whole week so I wanted to get a head start of this. This assignment asks me to output characters on the screen. More like block characters I think rather then simple time new roman "T," or "F"etc...

I noticed a few people making block letters images saved under string data type. They had like 30 made up images. That's not the approach i'm looking for and I believe there is a much easier approach rather then making 30 separate images for characters and alphabets. So can anyone help me how to approach this and whether there is another effiecient way rather then drawing so many string images of letters :( :( :(

  The MESSAGE – The program should have and store in a multi-dimensional array the character needed for
the message like all the English letters (in all caps: A, B, C, D, etc.), all the Roman digits (Arabic numerals:
e.g. 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.), and 10 symbols (!, ?, $, &, @, %, +, -, dot, comma) to draw with ASCII characters. The
program should have the characters drawn on at least 5 lines. If the text is longer than the console
window, split it on 2 lines (keep a full word per line aka if there is no room for a word, move it to the next
line) and vertically align the logo to middle (vertical). If text needs more than 3 lines, print an error
message. The program should be able to show the user the options for characters (draw them on screen)
and let the user enter the text for the banner. Then it should display the message in the right-hand side of
the box right after the logo.
for (int LengthOfConsole = 0; LengthOfConsole < %Width Of The Console%; LengthOfConsole++)
Print the character here 

something similar to that would work well. You'd just need a char I'd assume for each character you want to store in it.
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Drakon. Thank you for your response. Not exactly sure what your code does here. Just a beginner here and not sure what that % sign does. In fact never seen that :D

Now, to be on the same page. This is what our teacher expects.
\_   ___ \   /  _  \__    ___/
/    \  \/  /  /_\  \|    |   
\     \____/    |    \    |   
 \______  /\____|__  /____|   
        \/         \/         

Letters being outputted as block letters :)Or if not block letter then I gues time roman letter that will cover atleast 5 lines :)
Oh I should've said the %% mean nothing and you should replace the inside of the for loop with actual code.

I used %% meaning replace it with the actual width of the console since I can't remember width of mine, but I think it is around 70-75 or close to it, but you may want to double check.

I can't write the code for you since it is an assignment, if you're really stuck I would recommend looking at some C++/C tutorials.
I understand that completely, as i'm trying to learn it by myself. Lol, any way you can give me a hint of how to print it out :D :D. I mean like how to I get to print a block letter of C in that way. I just can't visualize it. Do I have to declare a multidimensional array of string. string image[10][3] and then draw ten 3 rows that consists of ten columns :D. I gues s then in each row, column. I draw a block of letter?
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