DirectX SDK help?

Yeah, so I think this would go into the beginner section. Anyway, I just downloaded it... Have some questions. Before, I used Code::Blocks. So, could I replace Code::Blocks with this, meaning could I delete C.B., and use the DX SDK for console applications/WINAPI stuff? Or should I keep C::B? That, and are there any good tutorials on the SDK, to get started with? This may sound like a dumb question, I've only been programming for a few months, and being a 13 year old, I tend to not really think things out...
Trust me, don't jump to DirectX, also I know you want to program a game.
And if you realy want to make a game... Use SDK, it is for 2D Games... Take my ADVC.
And Finally Delete Code :: Blocks and use devC++.
It May Look old But It is waaaaay Better in some ways. (It was used to make part of Mount And Blade War Band) :)
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Well, thanks for the advice. I have kind of gotten nowhere in the past month in programming, and by that I mean flipping through a programming book that is for like, advanced advanced stuff. Obviously, I am not ready for that, so instead I just type up random console applications like quizes and stuff with rand(). I need something to get me back on track...
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