how can write a function that calculate int fact(int n) output should be n!
Did you start? Post your code up here if you did and we will help you fix it.
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i don't know how to write
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For now, go through this tutorial to learn about how to program in C++. As you go through each lesson, you should complete exercises about that lesson so you can retain and try out the new information.

Note: You can't learn how to program this in a couple of weeks (or months), and if you are interested in learning more than the scope of this problem, it will take even years to get a full grasp of harder problems. Don't be discouraged though, learning how to program in C++ has many rewards.

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Go to the very bottom they actually have a factorial example using recursion.

You could also use a while loop if you didn't want to have as much on the stack.
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