how to pause in this simple C program

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

int main(void)
float P, Rpct, R, M;

int N;

printf("\nEnter: Principal, Rate%, No. of year.\n");

scanf("%F %F %i", &P, &Rpct, &N);

R = Rpct/100;

M = P * R * pow(1+R, N)/(12 * ( pow(1+R, N)-1));

printf ("\n$%1.2f, @%11.2F%% costs $%1.2f over %i years", P,Rpct,M,N);

printf ("\nPayments will total $%1.2F", 12*M*N);


return 0;

//after input the data and then enter, i want to see the actual result, but the program terminate immediately. getchar(); does not help in this case.
what should i do?
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