C++ Graphics

Is there any tutorial on how to use graphics.h in C++?
Or can I use any other graphics in C++?
If there is any tutorial then give me the link.
thanks in advance.

Can i use any other library instead of graphics.h?
Try SDL. Its relatively easy to learn and is great.
Tutorials here (including setup and stuff): http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/

Also, it is platform independent ;). BTW why would you want to use graphics.h? Its very old.
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SDL is a great suggestion and those lazyfoo tutorials are very good.
I prefer SFML to sdl I find it a lot easier to use. You might like it also you could try them both.

There are other libraries out there for graphics:
- Allgero (for Game Programming)
- wxWidgets (mostly GUI, but I think you may be able to do some graphics using it.)
- GTK+ (same as above)
- FLTK (same as above)

And there are probably more on the internet.
I would recommend Qt or SFML (2.0-2.1) as they are both easy to learn and use. i am in the process of learning Qt (5.1.1) at the moment and have found that it is incredibly helpful for making gui applications.
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