C++, Xcode and uses!

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Hi there! I'm quite new to C++, and only 13 at that. I've learned quite a bit so far from this site and other resources alone, however I still have two questions standing. One being, What is C++ best used for? And also, I use Xcode as a compiler (I'm on a mac) and I've only been able to use the command line tool to make programs. What other options can I use to get away from using terminal to open my programs? Like I said, I'm quite new to C++ (Although I have learned the basics!) and I'm looking forward to learning more!
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Qt's a good place to start of GUI applications, SDL is good for 2-d graphics.

C++ is best used for whatever you want to use it for. It's really open-ended, and multi-use.
C++ is a general purpose purpose language, and its many libraries make it great for almost anything (and a pain in the butt to learn).
And off topic, but I seriously recommend this site to you. The site has mathematical challenges, and you have to develop an algorithm to solve the problem with the use of code. http://projecteuler.net
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