So it starts here

hello guys, i'm cookiess(not my real name :p). i come from bosnia. i'm going to be 16 soon and i want to learn c++

i currently know a little to medium about programming, made some games in flash actionscript 2 and 3 and know html, php and a little javascript. i dont know c++ but i want to learn it, i got this giant idea that i know is gonna work but i just need the knowledge for it. well the idea is kinda really big, it's around games especially mmo's. look currently mmo's have a few ways to stay alive and payed.
first one is subscription based like wow. second is surveys and tasks like most browser games. third is shops with cosmetic items like dota 2.
I have figured out a new way that can help games forever. It's already there i just have to grasp it. it makes more money than the ones mentioned above. so i need to learn c++ or any other helpful code so i can make this, I know I have to make this it's perfect. so that's about all i want, i want to change games make them free from now on.

now here's my problem, I don't know c++ and would like you guys to help me to find really good books, tutorials or any source i could learn to program from.
I can read some stuff in c++ but i don't know how to write.

So what i'm looking for is some place to learn it from start to end.
i don't matter the lenght of the books/tutorials or whatever i can learn programming quite fast because i love it :D unlike school where i'm lazy lol.

please i don't want to miss any command in the tutorials that would be needed, so hopefully you could help me find something really good.

Good luck, have fun and love from cookiess.
The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List
suggest me some books out of there, or should i just learn them all?
Pick a book of your liking from the Beginner section. Be sure to note the immense difference between "C++ Primer" (a good book) and "C++ Primer Plus" (a bad book by a different author).
Hello Cookiess,
I recommend you to first read C++ Primer as a beginners guide

C++ Complete Reference as a encyclopedia

C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup for later perfection.

All these are electronic version available to download, if you like to study on computer.
Hay Cookiess, I'm 15, and I have gained knowledge in over a dozen languages. As with you, I started with c++ and hope to write games, however I turned to Java, and system programming. I don't know of any books to suggest to you, however as you plan to write games I would look for tutorials on OpenGL, DirectX, and SDL. There are also other, less popular API's you can use, sucha as Allegro, but for your purposes I would say DirectX or OpenGL.
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