stringstream to string, conversion???

Hello, here I have the error, says sth wrong withth identifyer:

stringstream ss;
string v;

Please what is wrong here?
Still not familiar with "identifyers" (was it that word???)

Many thanks!

Use code tags(bottom right screen) and please give the exact error so we can help out.
the identifiers in this case are stringstream and string. They tell the compile what ss and v is.

Most likely you forgot an #include or using namespace std;. There might be more culprits like missing ;, ,, }...
I do not have the right PC now here, but that should not be the reasons, well, SHOULD!!!

I think in the error was either "identifyer" or " instructor"...cant remember right now...can it have anything with that?

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Don't be so quick to dismiss the advice more experienced developers are giving you. If you've missed out an important header file, then the compiler might very well give you an error message saying that an identifier is undefined.

When you can post the actual error message that your compiler is giving you, then we'll be able to confirm it.
Include sstream.
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