strange error


i can't understand the nature of this error in my matrix class:

error: stray '\357' in program
error: stray '\273' in program
error: stray '\277' in program

it comes out at the overloading of !=

bool operator!=(const matrix& A,const matrix& B){
return (!(A==B));

where == is:

bool operator==(const matrix& A,const matrix& B){
if(A.cols!=B.cols || A.rows!=B.rows)
return false;
for(unsigned i=0;i<A.rows;++i){
for(unsigned j=0;j<A.cols;++j){
return false;
return true;

This can sometimes happen when copy pasting code from the web. Somehow you have got some invalid/invisible characters that you can't see but the compiler complain about them.

What happens if you copy paste your operator!= code from your post here, does that work? Otherwise just remove the whole operator!= code and make sure you don't have any stray '\xxx' errors and then retype the code by hand.
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