Porting VC++ to Linux

Back in the 1990s I was surfing the internet, dial up(haha!), when I stumbled on a certain company's website who had given up on a clone of a major piece of software. They had not only given up on it but had posted the source code for free download. I, naturally, downloaded it and have had it on various forms of storage since then.
In the mean time the company gave the software(source code) to a newly formed consortium who now maintain a repository for the code and make it available to developers for a price.
I've thought for several years that it would be a huge contribution to get it ported to Linux (It was written in Visual C++ v6.0) and now that I'm retired I may have the time to struggle through the process, though it would be a learning process as well as labor.
My major concern, however, is the legality of my possession of the original code and having ported it, making it available to the ubuntu comuunity.

Any comments will be welcomed.
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first of all, do you know if the source code was distributed with a license, or agreement? second of all, do you have any programming background? I'm not a lawyer, but those are the first things you should consider. you should also see if this is something you really want to do and devote time to, and whether you feel it is needed.
I have programming experience in several languages but my C experience is in firmware, not exactly a good fit here. This may be a non-issue because I tried building an object and got the error 1083, logical.h not found. I can't find it anywhere. I'm using VC Express 2005 which doesn't include the MFC. maybe that's where it is.
okay, so in my opinion (and this is only my opinion) you have two options. You could start learning or relearning the basics of c++, and then worry about the law issues later, and consult a lawyer, maybe contact the new company after that. Or you could consult a lawyer right now, get a hold of the company, and do the programming once you knew you were on safe ground (or not). And also, you said that you had problems with vc express 2005? maybe you should start using minigw and Code::blocks.
I have used code::blocks in the past. Didn't think about it this time though. I see that it will import a VC++ project. Thanks.
BTW: It's not important enough to me to hire a lawyer. ugh. I'd rather go to a dentist.
ok, well, best of luck!
You should use Qtcreator since it is cross-platform and you won't have much trouble with compiling,linking and etc.
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