A set of sample codes

Hello guys,

I'm writing a set of C and C++ little sample codes. I currently have more than 100 codes.
Each code is small and shows a specific functionnality.

Codes are about C, C++, library SDL, WinAPI, and lots of stuff.

Actually, it is all in French. (web page and comments of the codes).
But code is code, I think you can understand stuffs even if you don't speak French.

Here is the link :


My questions are :
Do you like this ? Can it be useful for you people ?
Is it intersting for me to make an english version ?

Best regards,
I think it would be beneficial to a lot of people if you made an english version. Personally, I do not understand it in French hehe.
I guys !

I made an english version of my set of codes.
Please let me know if you like it !

This looks like the makings of a teaching book. Now all you have to do is explain all the code in a way that makes sence to beginners. Then you are all set. Good luck!
Thank you !
I will make the explainations progressively. I made it all in French, but not yet in english version, but I will, progressively !
Nice collection, some I hadn't thought of.

I guess this word is spelled the same as a english word, I can't figure out what it means.

It's used in your sort program.
It mean : "compare int". :)
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