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Hi, I would like to start learning c++ as a programming language and really I wanted to know where the best place to start and sort of progression so I can get somewhere towards the following goal. I understand the tutorials would be best place to start but I suppose where to go from there really.

My goal is to be able to write a windows program that will interact with a database of some description which eventually I want to run from the internet rather have on a local server, with future progression towards writing tablet/phone apps which can interact with it.

I don't really have much of a background in this so all a new experience and something to do as a hobby until I get more into it.

Much appreciated for your input into this.
Something that you said is almost impossiblewith pure C++, dbut they are easy with Qt. Google it up.
Which part of is almost impossible in pure c++? I assume I am looking at the wrong programming language to learn to do this kind of thing?

I see Qt makes the GUI side of things a lot easier to do...
Read a book um problem solving with c++
If you still want to learn it after what iQChange said, Bucky's C++ tutorials are pretty fun to watch (he's on youtube).

Also- go to a technical college for it so that you can get a job doing it and so you can talk to other programmers in your class.
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Thanks 'theperson' put it into perspective for me... HARD. I do want the challenge and their is no target date soo...

I will start with the tutorials on this and another website. Found something called project Euler which someone else has suggested giving a go which would be what 'TheMikey87' is getting at I suppose.

Are these websites not for discussions your coding issues with other skilled programmers?
@koongs Tablet/Mobile apps. This can't be done with "pure" C++, but with Qt and Necessitas, you can.
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