Is this good for a project proposal?

Hi, I'm in my first year at programming. Our professor told us yesterday to come up with a project proposal that has
-Exception Handling
-File Stream

However, we're still at the Structures in my CS lecture. But I have little ideas about the two remaining topics thanks to Absolute C++ by Savitch and also with some other classmates so, I thought of maybe a music and movie store? A grocery store program is out of the question since it's given already. Here's what I think how the program should work:
1.) Prompt the user if he wants movies/music
2.) Prompt the user for the genre OR artist's name/album name for music OR celebrity name/s for movie.
3.) User can pick how many movies/music he likes(program will output the details of the music/movie) and the program will output the transaction details(subtotal, summary of the items, etc.) to the right corner of the screen. (Transaction details will be shown while the user is picking the items)
4.) Prompt the user if the transaction is final or not.
5.) User will choose if cash or card transaction.
6.) Program will ask if the user has a discount coupon. If not, proceed to
7.) Give the final summary(like a receipt.)
8.) Prompt the user if he wants another transaction and then the screen would be clear [system("CLS")] for the new transaction.

I've been thinking of other projects (some have the same syntax and logic as this) and I've been thinking for an entire day and I think the music/movie store is better.
Is that good enough? Or is it not? Do you have any suggestions?
Any help would be appreciated.
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I see a lot of "prompt the user" comments, but in your requirements it looks like you don't need to include user interaction?
how about you just read some numbers from a text file and calculate min, max and mean values and display these on the screen?

How much time are you allowed on this project?
About the time, our professor told us that just submit a project proposal for now. No time was specified as of yet.

And thank you for your suggestion. :)
My suggestion's fairly dull, but it does tick all the boxes in terms of your requirements list.
But if your prof said you had a month to complete your project i'd suggest something a lot more exciting :)

Our term is just composed of 11 weeks, and it's the sixth or seventh week so a project that takes a month is out of the question. :D

I think I'll add some little more about your suggestion (since this is a group project after all. 5 proposals were required for each group) so it won't be dull. ^^
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