Want my function to move string from one array to another

I have some function:
int doSomething(string o[], int n)

but I want to copy elements in array o into another array. How can I do this given that o is of variable size?

To be more specific, my goal is to remove duplicate elements in an array. So, I could check if o[i] == o[i+1] and if so, o[i+1] would not be moved into the second array.
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use std::vector<std::string> instead of string array if you can. Then you will know the total number of elements, find out duplicates and move them out. For moving can use std::move if you have a C++11 capable toolchain
String arrays don't always work, try a vector as codewalker suggested or maybe a linked list if you have an older compiler.
Starting more than one thread on essentially same question is rude.
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You can perform the desired operation inplace in the array without additional containers.
std::string has copy assignment operator.
Your input array o has fixed size; not variable.
There's already something for that in C++.
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