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Hi I am a BS Computer Science major in my 3rd year learning C++. I have taken the 3 basic coding classes for c++. However, I feel like I am lacking in actual coding experience. We went through a lot of conceptual things, and learned the code for those things such as learning how to code binary trees, linked lists of all kinda. But even with learning these things I have no idea how I would actually code anything.

Is there a book or some resource you guys could recommend for me to learn and sharpen my C++ skills/other coding skills? I would say I have an intermediate knowledge of coding, however I want to be more advanced and more honed in my coding and understanding of code/computers.

Anything that you guys feel would be of great help to a semi-beginner in code/computers in-general would be great...

Thanks in advance!
I recommend you brainstorm some ideas about what really interests you. Something very specific. Maybe you're interested in Digital Signal Processing, or maybe in video games. Whatever it is that tickles your fancy should be your focus - then start writing programs that do the things you're interested in.

When you find yourself getting stuck, something's not working, or you realize that you're reinventing something, you dig through your resources (web, manuals, any kind of documentation, books, this forum) and learn about what it is you're doing wrong / reinventing.
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Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the advice as well. But I feel like I am not skilled enough to do anything like building a video game or Digital Signal Processing ( I dont even know what that is).

I was really just looking for ways to expand my knowledge in programming so that I might be able to look more seriously into things like making my own program
Well, I design computer chips for a living, so I always approach coding from a hardware perspective. The one thing that I noticed about software engineers and computer scientists is there is commonly a lack of basic understanding on how a processor works... (hint: it's not magic) :~)

I would suggest you get a good book on processor architecture and try to learn a little of how a program flows through the system, from there a lot of advanced coding techniques become obvious.

If you're looking for something a little more abstract then there is a forum thread with some interesting problems on here that a few members have tried their hand at ( ).

If you're really keen, get yourself a RaspberryPi and try to code up a gadget.

If you want to pick my brain about hardware then PM me, I'm always happy to help. :~)
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