Just bought c++ primer 5th edition, what do you think about it?

Hey guys,

As the title says I just bought c++ primer 5th edition of Amazon, it,s not here yet but is supposed to come on thursday, and I wanna know what you think of the book?
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It depends. I think it covers almost everything about C++ but the exercises are not easy. In places it goes too fast and I cant follow it. I'm thinking of getting another book to be honest. I have looked at "Jumping into C++" by Alex Allain which moves at a slow pace. But if you are a fast learner the primer might be ok for you
Oh well i'm a mid-pace learner so I guess it will be fine if I use other resources.
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Yes - you will be fine with it If you take it slowly it's a good book. Definately worth the price. It's just that I got a bit lost after part 1 as I tried too hard to speed up my learning.
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Thanks for the help man.
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Along with this website, I also use usenet. There are some really good newsgroups for C++. Have a look at comp.lang.C++ or comp.lang.c++.moderated - you need a newsreader like thunderbird or pan and you need to set it up with your isp's newserver though.

On the newsgroups there are lots of c++ experts that will help you out.
my favorite book is this one: http://www.amazon.com/Starting-Out-Early-Objects-Edition/dp/013336092X

The 7th edition is also good and a lot cheaper.
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