Help! I'm a beginner

Hi! I'm a kid who want to make a rpg! But i don't know anything about c++ or other code language.
Can anyone teach me or show me a link to a rpg tutorial?
This is what i know about c++:
- Nothing!!
You gotta learn coding first.
Where can i lean coding? Please give me link or something!
Thank you very much!!
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first of all c++ cant do this alone. C++ is used to code game engines and the engines are used to create games. So your out of luck
You can simply use c++ and a graphics library such as SFML.

I would suggest using sfml to create the game if it is 2d otherwise if you want 3d something like opengl.
@ jdogsiis:
There are plenty of small, fun RPG style games made by small teams or individuals. It can be done and C++ is a good language choice. The problem is that most kids posting about wanting to program video games really mean they want to play video games. Once they realize how difficult and time-consuming all the work is they go back to their Xbox. 8^)
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