Jumping into C++ chapter 8 question 5

Hey there guys.
i've been going through this book in all and finally hit chapter 8. But now i'm stuck on this practice problem.

Practice Problem.
Write a program to play poker! You can provide 5 cards to the player, let that player choose new cards, and then determine how good the hand is.

I don't even know how i'll start doing this.
Don't get me wrong i'm not asking you to do it for me, i'm just asking for assistance as to how to start. because i'm completely lost at this one. and won't go to other chapter till i complete it.

Most, if not all, programming books organize their practice problems with the problems pertinent to the current chapter at the end of said chapter. Perhaps it would help if you told us what the name of Chapter 8 is and what topics were covered in the chapter.
It's pretty easy, use arrays or enums
@billy william

chapter 1 - Intro and developer environment setup
chapter 2 - The basics of C++
chapter 3 - User interaction and working with variables
chapter 4 - If statements
chapter 5 - Loops
chapter 6 - Functions
chapter 7 - switch case and enums
chapter 8 - randomizing your program
Getting random numbers in c++, busgs and randomness.

then the 5 practice problems, i solve the 4 before but this one idk.

@UK Marine
as you can see i have no knowledge of arrays as yet.

Thanks in advance!

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