how can I write this program?

I was doing practice problems and I came across this program and I have no clue how to write it. this is my first c++ course so i'm pretty much new at this. here are the directions. thank you guys.

Purpose: Switch statements, nested if-else statements, logical operators
Write a fortune teller in C++. Your program will ask the user for the month and day of birth. It will then print the birth date in words, followed by the zodiac sign of the user, a one-line fortune appropriate for that zodiac sign, and the lucky number of the user, calculated as the sum of all the digits in the birth date of the user.

Typical Sample Run

Welcome to your-name's Fortune Teller.
Please enter your birth day (1-31):
Please enter your birth month (1-12):
You were born on 15th of June.
Yor zodiac sign is Gemini
Your fortune for the day:
He who laughs last laughs best
Your lucky number: 6
Thank you for using your-name's Fortune Teller.
Implementation Notes

Lucky number above was calculated as 1 + 5, the two digits in the birth day.
The fortune should be different for each zodiac sign - pick them from any online source or make up your own.
Zodiac signs straddle calendar months, e.g., in January, the first 20 days are Capricorn. Birth days 21 and above in January are Aquarius.
Factor out code.
Remember, there are five components to this project:
Suffix for the date: st for 1 and 21, nd for 2 and 22, etc.
The name of the month: June, August, etc.
The zodiac: Aries, Taurus, etc.
The fortune based on zodiac sign
The lucky number - use an arithmetic expression with / and % operators to calculate it.

Please note, that this is not a homework site. We won't do your homework for you. However we are always willing to help solve problems you encountered, correct mistakes you made in your code and answer your questions.

We didn't see your attemts to solve this problem youself and so we cannot correct mistakes you didn't made and answer questions you didn't ask. To get help you should do something yourself and get real problems with something. If your problem is "I don't understand a thing", then you should go back to basics and study again. As it is impossible to find deriviative of function without knowledge in ariphmetics, you cannot do more complex tasks in programming without clear understanding of basics
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