new to graphics. what is noob friendly?

SDL vs Allegro vs Smfl

what is most beginner friendly?
thanks a lot!
well it depends on your style. I haven't used allegro but i have used both SDL and SFML. If you are using the C programming language then i would recommend SDL as it was written for C and in C however if you are using C++ then i would recommend SFML. however there are C bindings for SFML.

I use SFML for 2d game projects. however if you aren't looking to program games i would recommend the Qt library.

it is useful in easily making programs. especially if you use the IDE that comes with the official build called the Qt Creator.

so if you are doing games i would recommend SFML and if not then i would recommend Qt

however for beginner friendly i would say SFML. it can still be used to produce non games but i think it is more game programming oriented
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+1 for SFML :)
Thanks a lot. And at the moment I'm interested in games because its fun to see the outcome but I am considering going to college for software and I would not want to do games at that point. Maybe still on the side but not for a job.
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