Whats better? typedef or using

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I was wondering what is the better of the two type alias

the using name = type or typedef type name.

Like are there advantages in any?
They are actually the same. I prefer first one for more intuitive behavior when working with function pointers and consistency with other code. Second one is just C compatibility.
The functionality provided by an an alias declaration is a superset of that provided by a typedef.

template < typename  T > 	
using my_vector = std::vector< T, my_pool_allocator<T> > ;

An alias declaration may result more easily understandable syntax (to those who have just started learning C++).
Other than that, there is no difference between the two.

typedef int function_type( int, int ) ;

using function_type = int( int, int ) ;

function_type* pfn = nullptr ;
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Thank you guys, so I should use the using, because its C++11
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