C and C++

Ive been learning C++ the last couple of days and I found one guy on youtube that explains it a partiular way I understand. Ive gone through all his C++ videos bjt he has alot more C videos. I know C and C++ are nkt the same but our close. If I want to learn keep moving forward could I learn C to get a general idea of more advanced programming in C++?
No, I'm afraid that when it comes to advanced topics C and C++ do things differently. If you are interested in C++, then you should focus on C++, read tutorials, books, and practice by making programs in C++ as much as humanly possible. Even the basics of both languages are different in some respects and could confuse you if you are just starting out. C++ is a complex language and can seem very intimidating and daunting to learn, but it is well worth it to keep at it and learn it. First benefit is that C++ is one of the more complex languages out there so picking up other languages afterwards becomes much easier.

If C++ is still too complicated or difficult to learn for you. Then you may want to consider learning Java, C#, or Python as they are considered some good languages for beginners compared to C++.
C won't give you advanced knowledge, but it will give you foundational knowledge about c++, which is important. I don't want to go on about OOP because someone else already explains this:

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