linked list ADT

What is ADT and How abstraction is implemented? Please explain with some example.

What is linked list ADT?

Thanks if you respond :D
Based on the information that you have provided, ADT is an ambiguous 3-letter acronym.
Abstract Data Type

The linked list is the abstraction because there is no real world situation where a client will be directly interacting with just a linked list without having some sort of GUI that acts as an in between.

A linked list ADT is simply a data structure that can store information in the form of a list, where each item in the list stores information associated with it and a reference to the next item.

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Thanks Smac89 for responding.

it is said ADT or classes.

what are common in ADT and classes as you had related ADT to Linked list.

Means i want to relate all this with class. Why we say classes as Abstract data type?
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Most definitely in this case.

OP, just learn what an ADT is first, forget about the linked list concept for the time being.
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