Looking for a C++ partner


Not sure if I'm posting in the right section, however I am interested in learning C++ with another person to speed up the capabilities and learning. I already know the basics of C++ and can do simple tasks. Please personal message me your contact info if you're interested :)
I would be glad to be a partner. I also started learning C++ not so long ago and I'm willing know more. Hope you're okay with me being a newbie?
Yes, I will help you get the basics of C++ and so on. Then we can continue learning by each others work :)! Have you got Skype? Personal message me?
Not sure if I'm posting in the right section
meh i would have put it in the job section but its fine here. if you ever have any questions please feel free to post them. i also check my email regularly, and if i get a pm ill usually respond to it. there is a c++ skype group for beginners, and you can always find some smart people on the quakenet irc channel #cplusplus
I have been trying hard to log in to skype. Its been like a week now and I havent bee successful. Is there any other alternative?
What error does it show? Is it the one where it keeps saying "logging in" and it's stuck for ages and won't log in? I don't have any other alternative application to contact, but I'm sure you could fix Skype :)
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IRC is a great alternative imo to skype. thats probably a network issue though than one with skype
No. If that's the problem he's having, it's a bug that has to do with the latest Skype update. He has to downgrade to a later version.
I think It is a network problem. The internet connection here is not soo strong especially during the raining season. I will try IRC just like Little Bobby Tables said
Alright, tell me when done.
Can Little Bobby please past the link here so I can download and install :)
Have you got TeamViewer? Maybe I can try to fix Skype for you (which I'm quite sure I can). I insist '-' haha
I dont have teamviewer. Im soo naive :( I think its a connection problem. I will try downloading teamviewer.
Okay! When it's done, personal message me the ID and password of the TeamViewer so I can connect with you :)
Okay! I will. :)
Should I use the Basic installation method?
Yeah. Don't forget to select non-commercial use.
id: 216 354 910
password: mhz823
Why did you post the ID and password here? haha. Anyone can connect. Re-start team-viewer and personal message me, not here.
Lol! Okay
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