Counting number of letters in array

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CodeGoggles wrote:
I do realise that but the fact you used quotes only from me infers a bias.

It implies that I was quoting you. There is no implication of bias intended.

CodeGoggles wrote:
Let me ask, who do you think was more precise? In the explanations and arguments.

I think you were equally imprecise although you tended to be more correct.

CodeGoggles wrote:
That is not only not precise but its blatantly wrong.
But forgive me for being pedantic.

IWishIknew wrote:
Also, it doesn't use an array, it uses a pointer. Also known as a "dynamic array", but it's just a pointer to the first element.
with regards to std::string.

Pedantically, preciseness is orthogonal to correctness.

I would characterize the statement as imprecise. If you want to consider the implementation, std::string can certainly be thought of as an object containing a pointer to a dynamic array, small string optimizations not withstanding.

We can go round all day with semantics. My Final point being I believe I was well within my posting rights to defend my comments from the obvious trolling of IWishIKnew, he was clearly there to have a shot at me, for whatever reason I do not know.
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