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Okay so recently I started learning C++ and I decided to use Qt Creator as my IDE though I'm havining a BIG problem. I've coded my application and it compiles fine. But... How do I acctually get the exe. Like how do a export a single exe to my desktop to run it.
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Just go to ProjectFolder->bin->Debug or Release->Project.exe

Though with Qt you will also need the .dll's I don't think you are allowed to statically link Qt.
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Yeah I fixed this problem though I don't think I'll work with Qt. Mainly because its illegal to statically link so how are you supposed to get your exe?

For anybody wondering I went to:

By the way replace win32-g++ with your compiler and 5.2.1 is the Qt version.

I then opened the qmake.conf file with notepad and scrolled down to some text called:
I changed it to:
QMAKE_LFLAGS = -static
Next I ran Qt Creator and built it as Release and I got a exe which I could move to my desktop and ran perfectly.
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