Please Help with an old program question

I have a very small program that was written for me by a friend, and he no longer does programing, it was written in C or C++ and compiled with Make C to run in a DOS environment, and I could print 3X5" note card size reports!! I use it in my Ammunition Reloading hobby and it is Very handy. I now have to run the program in a DOS Shell and can't print my reports,, I would like to be able to run it from Windows 7 and Print my 3x5" note card reports.
Are my wants possible?? Feasible?? I lost source code, Could it be decompiled?

Any help would be appreciated

I'm sure that, given enough details, somone could re-create it. Commercial programs from DOS days were not nearly as complicated as commercial programs are today (programs have gotten a lot larger).

As for printing them, it may (or may not) require details about what hardware you're using, depending on if you're using anything special. Other than that, it sounds (based on the way you described it) like a trivial project.
Thank you for your reply!!
From what I remember the program was only about 25 to 50 lines of code and is VERY simple, which as far as I am concerned makes it perfect, As far as printing, I would like it to print on any standard USB or Wireless Laser or Inkjet printer
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Is the program interactive - that is does it ask the user to input some values? Could you run the program from a DOS .bat script and redirect the output to a text file, then print the contents of the text file afterwards?
Yes,, it is Interactive.. can I post a picture here?... I could show Y'all a screen shot
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Let me ask this,, If I wanted to try and rewrite this program Myself,, how would be the best way to start?? What Book/Books, webpage, I think this forum is a good place for help,,, Where do I start?? what program for my computer do I need etc.
Though you can't upload a picture directly, you could upload to another site such as and post a link.
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Thanks for the screenshot.

If you really have no programming skills, then C++ might be one possibility. However, there are lots of other approaches, such as using a spreadsheet for input of values with some scripting to generate whatever output is wanted. Or a webpage with some javascript. There are lots of options, and while C++ can be applied to almost any task, the learning curve might be unacceptably great unless you are really keen to get deeply involved in learning and understanding the details of the language and so on.
Chervil.. there is really no output, just more or less a record keeping data base,, As an example,, If I reload 50 38 Special cartridges,,, and a year down the road, I want to see the amount and Brand Of powder used,,, I can use the Seek function and find the loading data. I like to print out the little "report" for a quick reference,
Thanks for the input!!! sounds like I would be better off to keep doing what I am doing!!
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From the screenshot you posted, it strikes me that Microsoft Access would be well suited to keeping that kind of database. Access can also generate forms (screens) like the one in the screenshot. No programming is required to use Access, but a simple understanding of what a databse is would be helpful. I'm sure there also may be some free alternatives to MS Access.
I don;t know... M$ products tend to be bloated to use for somthing so simple. Really, a program like this sounds too trivial not to write (if not because you want to help, then why not for practice). I'm not saying somone should write the code to prevent him from using M$ access, or that M$ access is a bad program to use. I just want to point out how incredibly simple a project like this sounds (at least, to me).
You could also create this relatively easy with Qt. Just drag/drop the labels, text lines, and buttons. Then the only thing you really need to code is the output/input/search/print functions. Which shouldn't be too hard. Though it wouldn't be console like the image it would have a gui.
After thinking about this,,, I made an Incorrect statement.. I could not print from this program. when I ran it in DOS I could do a print screen with a program I found made by Epson and it would shrink the print screen down to about 3X5" size
Also, I would like to be able to import the data I have now into the new program
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