Debbuger option question

I've been trying to debug my programs for the past couple of weeks. However, when I step into the program it shows the header files/classes. For example the hello Wold app, the printf would go strait to the next line. Now, it is going into printf and showing all the code behind it. rather than a quick three line debug, I've got thousands of line of code that i have to step into.

Any one know how to change it back?
What debugger are you using?

In Visual Studio, there are three buttons. Step over, Step Into and Step Out. Command line debuggers such as gdb have similar commands. Are you sure you're using Step Over and not Step Into?
I've always used step-into (F11), it just started this a couple weeks ago
Step into is going to cause you to step into the code for printf. You want to use Step over instead to avoid the code that implements printf.

Have you updated your run-time library recently? If you attempt to step into code for a module which doesn't have symbols available, it will act as a step over. If you recently updated your library to one that now has symbols, step in will do exactly that.
step over does the same thing now... I'm so frustrated, code isn't running and now debugging takes FOREVER as compared to what it used to.

Thanks for your help though, at least I know not all of this is my fault
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