code reading explanation?

Hi everyone, im jabing trouble understanding how this piece of code does what it does.

Prior to this, the string spelling is inputted by the user. In the example, the user enters "-" symbols in between letter characters. The program then outputs "you spelled 'word'" without any of the symbols in between. Can someone explain to me what i am not understanding? I feel it has something to do with the role of the [] brackets. Thanks for the help!

  string  word; 
int  i  =  0;  
while(i  <  spelling.length())  
{ word  +=  spelling[i];         
 i  +=  2;      } 
spelling[i] gives you the (i+1)th character of spelling (remember, indices start at 0).

So what the code does is visit every other character of spelling and appends it onto word.
(The i += 2; line increments the position by 2.)

This could also be done by using std::remove in the <algorithm> header to remove the '-' characters (unless the word itself has dashes in it, in which case those will be removed as well).
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