--------------------------SOLVED I WILL USE EVERYTHING U GAVE ME THX ALOT!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------an you guys give me a challenge, like a program to make(ex: averaging numbers program) i'm 10 and I just joined c++ a day ago.

some of the words in c++ I know:


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Play around with some simple stuff. Might be a bit above your level but in time try:

Also reading lots of code helps me to learn it. Try and find other's examples. Look up array's, they're like lists and come in really handy.
oh and also I made an averager where you type your name then type 1 number
then type the 2nd number then type the 3rd number, then it shows

"Hey [name that you entered] the average of the 3 numbers is [average]."
I quite like for giving you challenges.
I find a good exercise is to browse the topics here and try if you can solve other peoples problems (you don't have to answer them if you are unsure of the solution). You might stumble across answers you are after in the process.
Last edited on is full of wonderful problems but at age 10, I think you don't yet have the math background to do them.

Review what you've been doing in math and science class. Can you write a program to do any of it? Here are some ideas. Skip any that have terms you aren't familiar with:
- Convert miles per hour to/from kilometers per hour
- Convert centigrade to Fahrenheit
- Compute the area and/or perimeter of a rectangle from the length of the sides

Write a number guessing game program: The program picks a random number from 1 to 100. The user guesses a number and the program tells them if their guess is too high, too low, or correct.

Good luck, and welcome to programming!
Read about loops.You'll love making different patterns and designs. :)
Enjoy programming :)
Over 1000 challenges here:

Have fun :)
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