Group Project Anyone?

Hello, Im looking for a small group to make a project with. Im open to ideas as of what we will design. Im thinking between a game, or a business application. The game can be anything, and the business application should solve something.

The only way to get better at programming is to... well.... program.
I have a bit of experience, but only on basic aspects of the language, im still very much a beginner. I want to work with other beginners too, so we can help each other grow.

If you have at least a little experience and would like to get together to make a project, please feel free to reply to this post.

You are correct, programming will make you a better programmer - practice plays a massive part. However, you said in your OP that your a beginner; I would suggest looking at this list and see if you can complete all/some of them alone first.

Do it as a group project if you must, but personally I would attempt them on your own - its a good start to being a good programmer (i.e. problem solving).

Solving them alone is far better at your stage.
Hi All,
If you are beginner, I suggest you what Sofrix suggested before. But if you want to join a group(or make a new group) contact me at :
i'll be happy if you join us.
Have Nice Life.
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